A prayer for Michael MacDougal



6′ x 8′

oil on linen,


in- sight -out opens this week at Ceres Gallery

Meditation #1 Oil on Linen 14 x 18 inches 2016

Meditation #1
Oil on Linen
14 x 18 inches

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 8.44.57 AM

This week, Oct 31st My newest body of work will be presented at the Ceres Gallery, marking my 8th solo exhibition with the Gallery. The opening reception is Nov. 2nd from 6-8 pm.

Paintings from the Ceres show

oil on linen

oil on linen

My announcement


Thank you Fabulous Bret Wills!

Bret Wills is an old friend and colleague of mine. He is an incredibly talented
artist/photographer with a mechanical and engineering brain as well….basically he is a genius. He created this website for me. We have collaborated on many many projects, both personal and commercial and his talent continues to blow me away!!!
Thank You Bret!!

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